While wearing a face mask has become a standard accessory to help protect yourself and others from germs, your skin may not be so happy under cover — especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to acne or is easily inflamed. Whatever your skin type, help your skin cope during this stressful time by being more mindful of your skin care regimen. It will benefit you to cleanse more deeply, protect better and improve your skin’s barrier function.

Minimize this inflammation by ensuring that your skin is clean and that you only use the cleanest, non-toxic skin care products, as the humidity of your breath creates a moist environment where microbes can thrive and penetrate the skin more easily. To achieve this protective goal, it is important to strengthen the skin barrier in order to limit the impact of this impure air. Topical antioxidants, nourishing ingredients and avoidance of toxins – all can protect skin from harmful microbes and help it heal. We recommend Soothing Nutrient Cleanser for most skin types, as it deep cleans while keeping all skin types in balance. Especially now, you do not want to over dry skin which can lead to more irritation and breakdown.

Soothing Nutrient Toner, used after cleansing, ensures that the skin is clean and prepped for your skin-appropriate moisturizer. The ideal moisturizer can vary based on the season or the environment. For example, if you often overheat, use a lighter moisturizer; and a heavier one if your environment is dry and cold.

Acne-prone skin also needs a moisturizer to keep it balanced. Drying out your skin excessively can signal the skin to produce oil – not ideal, as the goal should be to promote balance for optimal skin function.

Reparative Cellular Stem Cell Serum provides healing benefits for all skin types, enhancing the action of any moisturizer applied on top. Ideally, serums should be applied while skin is still damp with the Soothing Nutrient Toner to enhance penetration. Dryer skin should follow with Extreme Moisturizing Crème. Rosacea and acne-prone individuals, should use Sensitive Crème to balance and calm their skin.

N95 masks are very tight, and so create more extreme challenges. To maintain skin integrity, meticulous skin cleansing and a thicker antioxidant product will create a protective layer that will minimize potential friction and skin breakdown. Intense Hydration Mask can serve this role, as it is safe even for acne-prone skin. It is an excellent skin barrier protector, while also nourishing and calming the skin.

Gentle enzymatic exfoliation will remove dead skin and help skin turn-over. You want to avoid harsh granular scrubs which can irritate the skin. Exfoliating Therapy will dissolve dead cells and deliver a fresh glow and feel to the skin. (2 - 3 times a week is ideal, but it can be done daily if the skin is coarse and oily.)

Make-up or Not?
Ingredients in most foundations can clog pores. So, this is an opportunity to go bare since the face mask covers most of the face! Just focus on what shows – your eyes! Take care of that sensitive eyelid skin with Firming Eye Therapy.

The “after-care” is just as important as the prep – repeat the beginning steps: cleanse - tone - moisturize.

If you tend to skin irritation, be it from acne or Rosacea, treat, protect and soothe the skin with antioxidant products that reduce inflammation, like Revitalizing C Serum. Alternate Revitalizing C Serum with the Sensitive Rejuvenation Crème for optimal balance.

If mask friction has created irritation, apply Intense Hydration Mask followed by an ice-cold compress. Intense Hydration Mask can be used daily to help heal, moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier to better hold up to another mask-wearing day.