Karen Cauley

Switched to Dr Barad’s product about a year ago. A little bit goes a long way and my skin look great. Her products are gentle and effective —- a great combination for those of us with sensitive skin.

Joyce Chilton

Having just completed the Dr Barad Illuminated SkinCare challenge for 12 weeks, I can definitely feel a difference. My skin is smoother and more supple. I just loved the Cellular Stem Cell Serum with the Intense Retinal Serum for night and the Revitalizing C Serum for day. The Firming Eye Therapy was just what I needed for my dry upper eye lids. And, the Rejuvenation Crème for moisture kept my skin hydrated all day and night. At first I was unsure if I wanted to devote this much time to my face, but after getting into the daily habit of using the products, I can say that it is worth the effort. Dr. Barad told me one time that the older you get, the more maintenance you have to do. So, its time to do my maintenance. Just sorry that these products were not available sooner.

Patricia Glassman

I have been using Dr. Barad’s Illuminated SkinCare products for about a month. Specifically, I’m using Extreme Rejuvenation Cream, Firming Eye Complex, Firming Neck & Chest Complex and Reparative Cellular Stem Cell Serum. I am a woman in my 60’s who cares about how her skin looks. Dr. Barad’s products are aptly named because my skin has become radiant, so much that it’s noticeable to others. What I love about this line is that it’s all natural. You can read each label to see all the vitamins & minerals & multiple healthy substances that are used. It is a plus that it’s very reasonably priced. Take it from one who has spent too much money on much less effective, preservative laden creams. I am not a doctor. I’m just a mature woman who really cares how her skin looks. And my skin has become luminous. I’m excited about this new skincare line!!!!!

Dr. Tammy DeGregorio

Dr Barad Illuminated SkinCare is making a tremendous improvement in the appearance of my skin without the worry of exposure to harmful chemicals or toxins. I appreciate Dr. Barad’s dedication to promoting wellness and recommend her products to all my patients.

Dr. Alexis Pelekanos

Dr Barad’s products are like no other! I’m aware that to promote age preservation, you must start early. I recently switched my home care regimen to the Dr Barad Illuminated SkinCare®. The retinol and eye cream feel like an instant facelift. As a health conscious health care provider, it’s a bonus to me that her products are completely natural. I can’t wait to spread the word to my patients in my own office!
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